How do we get the right messages out to the right people?

Reflections on a recent Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Brainstorm known as #TheBigRs I was sitting at a table that was allocated to discussing how we improve our ‘Public Messaging’. Everyone there was passionate about their profession, we began by talking about how we can best get a consistent message about what we do in relation to the… Read More »

Active Aging. Its never too late…..

ACTIVE AGING- ITS NEVER TOO LATE……. Physical Activity has been shown in many studies to be the KEY FACTOR for a LONG and FULFILLED LIFE and even adding length to your life. Why is exercise important? • 40% of Older People attending GP surgeries report ‘poor mental health’. Being active improves confidence and reduces anxiety… Read More »

You’re never too old to be a 100m world champion!

Enjoy watching this inspiring video of Charles Eugster, who took up sprinting at the age of 95!   This could be you once you start some Physiotherapy at home! Call us if you want help with starting to exercise and make a plan towards your goals.