Active Aging. Its never too late…..

By | 11th November 2017


Physical Activity has been shown in many studies to be the KEY FACTOR for a LONG and FULFILLED LIFE and even adding length to your life.

Why is exercise important?
• 40% of Older People attending GP surgeries report ‘poor mental health’. Being active improves confidence and reduces anxiety and depression. Exercise is also great for reducing disease symptoms and improving function to help maintain independence.
• It is NEVER TOO LATE! – In 3 months 65-95 year olds can rejuvenate 20 years of lost strength.

The Chief Medical Officer has looked at the evidence and has set some basic guidelines for us to maintain OPTIMAL health.

OVER 60’s
• Some Physical activity every day
• Accumulated moderate exercise of 150 minutes per week
• Doing Activity to improve STRENGTH x2 per week
• Doing Activity to improve BALANCE x2 per week
• Reduce sedentary (seated) behaviour
Try breaking this into easy 10 minute sessions through the week.

The facts and figures…….
• 1 week of bed rest results in a 20% reduction in leg strength and 1% reduction in spine bone mineral density
• 3 weeks of bed rest results in a reduction of fitness equivalent to 30 years of ageing.