How much exercise should you be doing? The why’s and the how’s answered…..

By | 22nd July 2017



As NHS Choices says, ‘If exercise were a pill it would be one of the most cost effective drugs invented’. So why do we struggle to find the motivation to do it?

Try these simple tricks:

1. Set yourself a goal. This may be as simple as walking to the end of the road and back everyday, running a marathon or even cycling to Amsterdam with your young family as I did in April (but that’s another story!).

2. Persuade a friend to do some exercise with you – your chances of sticking at exercise increases dramatically if you have someone else to do it with.

3. Pace yourself. Set yourself an easy starting point and build up your activity levels from there. Starting any exercise too vigorously is a sure way either to pick up a new injury or to stir up an old one, and will more than likely mean that you give up before you’ve really got going.

Visit this brilliant website (below) for ideas and videos to assist you in your goals to improve your fitness, strength and coordination. Happy exercising!